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TH Marine shipped over bottles of G-Juice

TH Marine has once again shipped over bottles of G-Juice for each team’s use in the 2017 Pickwick Lake Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic! We are extremely thankful and urge each angler to use the utmost of care as the temps will reach near 90 on Saturday. With this being said, our event will carry a 4-fish limit in hopes to reduce fish mortality. Thank you to T-H Marine Supplies in helping to make our event great.

Product Sponsor: Mercury Marine

When you use a telephone dial pad to find the letters M-E-R-C-U-R-Y; that number would be 637-2879 ….if we add these up we come to number = 42. What does this mean to the teams competing in the 2017 Pickwick Lake Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic? It means the team finishing in 42nd position in our event is the owners of a new Mercury FURY Prop!!

We are excited to welcome Mercury Marine to our fine list of sponsors and are truly grateful for Jesse’s hard work over at Midway Marine in Fulton MS which insured an awesome item to be given way next Saturday, June 17th!