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EDIT: New 2020 date set for November 7, 2020

After careful and prayerful consideration of the many implications related to conducting a 100+ boat tournament while we cautiously move forward with “re-opening” communities, businesses and our daily lives, we have determined that it is in the best interest of all concerned to POSTPONE the Pickwick Lake Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic to a later date to be determined. We realize this will be disappointing to our friends who were looking forward to June 13, and it is equally likewise for us. It also adds significantly to Catch-A-Dream’s mounting lost revenue stream as a result of canceled or postponed fund raising events.

Although we are all anxious and, in some cases, desperate to return to pre-pandemic normal activities, the best information we can gather from CDC and other national medical sources tells us that we should err on the side of caution as we seek to avoid inadvertently extending the spread of the coronavirus among the many communities that we bring together. With anglers from at least 6 states, family members and spectators attending from at least 3 states, as well as volunteers from 3 states, health, safety and protection of everyone in our extended families and communities must be our priority. We evaluated numerous alternative (and creative) strategies for maintaining social distance and sanitary conditions during every phase of the weekend event, but none provide the absolute safety assurances that would make us comfortable that we are exercising the stewardship responsibility with which we have been entrusted. Regrettably, the timing is simply not right at this point of our national health crisis.

The tournament “re-schedule” calendar is already becoming crowded, but we will examine options to determine if there is a window of opportunity for us to set a feasible alternative Fall date. We appreciate your support and your patience, and will look forward to the prospect of making this tournament a success at a later, and hopefully safer, time!

Mississippi Bass Federation

We are proud to announce that the Mississippi Bass Federation will be on site volunteering their time to aid in fish care and conservation during Saturday’s weigh-in. As we’ve already shared, release of healthy thriving fish is of our utmost concern. It begins first with the angler, then us to provide proper resources at the scales and beyond. We look forward to such a fine organization joining us to assure the best of tournament care.


Reminder that each angler receives a complimentary meal ticket at tonight’s registration and additional tickets will be available for purchase for family and friends. What a great opportunity to support two great organizations in one weekend!

To be guaranteed an event bag and drinks provided by The Coca-Cola Company, you must preregister on-line. Simply text the word “Pickwick” to 51555 to receive the entry link. Online registration is open through noon today. Also, these items won’t be available to pick up at blastoff so be sure to get your’s while at First Baptist Church of Counce tonight.

Hammer Fishing Rods: Couples & Youth Division Sponsor

The Couples and Youth Division will return once again for our 2019 Pickwick Lake Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic. Division awards are in addition to the scheduled tournament payout at no additional entry. Special thanks to Hammer Fishing Rods for sponsoring 1st place in both divisions.

1st – $250 cash
2nd – $150 worth of select products
3rd – $75 worth of select products

2018 Couples Division Winner: Aaron and Valerie Harrelson
2018 Youth/Adult Division Winner: Logan Collier and Hudson Wolfe


Good morning. Some reminders for anglers fishing the Pickwick Lake Catch-A-Dream Bass Classic. Registration will be open on-line through noon tomorrow. Checking in will be at FBC Counce on Friday from 4:30-7:30 p.m. Teams not yet signed up can still sign up on Friday night. Meal tickets purchased with entry can be turned in here for a meal prepared by the youth of FBC. Additional plates can also be purchased. Boat numbers, goody bags, and drinks (all of these provided by our GREAT SPONSORS) will be handed out at this time. Release forms will also be signed. Saturday morning boat check will be at the post office near the entrance to the State Park and will begin at 4:00 a.m. Anglers may launch at either ramp. Blast off will be from the pier at the ramp nearest the lake. We will try our best to be ready to go at safe light; it helps if anglers come on early and let’s get everyone checked and in the water. Of course we will monitor this weather situation closely and determine if we need to delay our blast off time. SAFETY will be the number 1 priority period. As we posted yesterday, lights must be on and working. Anglers need to gather by number and will need to show your number to us when idling by the pier. Again, if you miss your designated place in line, you will be moved to the end of the blast off. Anyone passing a boat in front of them during the idle out will be automatically disqualified. There will be a four fish limit, all of which must be 15″ long. There will be a 1/2 pound penalty per dead fish; if you have more than 2 dead fish your weight will be forfeited for the day. No dead fish will be weighed for the lunker prize. Checking back in at the end of the tournament will be at the weigh in station, not the pier. You must walk up the hill to a table that we will have set up with someone working it and tell them your team number before your check in time to be officially in (can’t just pull in and park and be counted in; must check in at table). All fish must be weighed before loading boats. It’s close to go time; are you ready? Are you signed up? Hope to see you Friday night!!