VIP Pickwick Magazine Article

VIP Pickwick Magazine  (PDF)
Story & Photography by Bill Avery

Two hundred eighteen anglers took to the water in Pickwick Lake on June 17 flipping lures for bass as an effort by the Catch-A-Dream Foundation to raise funds benefiting children who have life-threatening illnesses. The mission of the foundation is to provide not only the opportunity to “catch an outdoor dream” but also to give spiritual encouragement that is often badly needed by the sick children and youth. The activities involve the entire families of these children. The experiences offered are not just about hunting and fishing but an endeavor to reach into the family dynamics to build relationships and provide hope which is needed in the midst of medical struggles. At each of these fundraising events there is a sponsored family with a sick child. Marty Brunson, CEO of the foundation cited the Kelsoe family as the focused family for this event. Their daughter, Mady, who has been struggling with the cell-type cancer known as neuroblastoma is doing very well. The family is pictured in the article and lives in Molten, AL. The 109 boats entered in the contest each paid $200 as entry fee. All of the funds and donations collected go toward this worthy cause.